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What is the best choice of Massoleum massage products for me in massage therapy? 

We often have the question which product to choose for my services in PREMIUM OR CLASSIC massage therapy?

First questions to ask ones:

  • Do you have skin problems? The skin that itches? 
  • Do you or your client suffer from eczema, psoriasis, very dehydrated and dry skin? 

If so, then choose our premium products

They are excellent for the skin because they contain powerful anti-inflammatory and relipidant active ingredients to reduce redness, dry patches and others when used repeatedly. Perfect for massage therapists who want to soften their dry skin by frequent hand washing, anti-microbial cleansers or others. You can also advise your customers as daily body care day or night depending on their skin types.

Oil Massoleum

  • Scalp Treatment
  • Dry face and body
  • Bath oil 

Massogel N°1

  • Anti-inflammatory serum face and body
  • Protects the skin from wind and cold in the winter
  • After restorative and anti-inflammatory sun

PREMIUMS formulas are very silky and do not remain greasy on the skin after application. They are often sold with our MassoCrème as you can mix them to get a more creamy texture and enhance your care that will act as a protective anti-inflammatory moisturizer. It's divine for your skin! 

If, however, you do not suffer from problems as mentioned above the CLASSIC products are an excellent choice for professional massages. 

It takes you 2x less than other brands of massage products or simple oil to perform a full massage. Precision formulas, tested with more than a hundred massage therapists and clients before being perfect. Designed for a single application (as far as possible of course). This is the goal of not basting your client repeatedly. This is so important also so that your sheets do not become soiled and soaked after just a few months. 

You can also mix the MassoCream with your CLASSIC products, it helps to glide better on mature and elastic skin of elderly people, the same thing in case of strong hair, mixing the 2 you will no longer knots and can massage the skin without pulling the hair. 

All our products are 100% natural and do not clog skin pores. It can be preserved for a very long time, with 2 natural preservatives. 

See the pages: Why choose Massoleum? and How to resell products Massoleum Good trial!!! 

You will love, products adapted for our business! 


Founder Massoleum