Differences between our Oils and MassOgels

Classic Oil Glisse Plus and Classic MassOgel

 - Professional massage therapy

Massoléum Premium Oil and MassOgel N ° 1 Premium

 - Professional massage therapy and body care
 - Contains 
BISABOLOL (powerful skin anti-inflammatory drug and     SQUALANE a skin replenishing and anti-aging 

Our Mission

Be a specialist in the innovation of professional massage products and top-of-range body treatments. 


Servir professionals in compliance with their practice because they have specific needs for different massage techniques, skin types, as well as to improve the experience of their customers. Massage products that remain stable, keep for a long time. Synergies of natural ingredients with unique textures, silky and satin touch. They take care of the skin and they offer a new customer experience. Leaving a healthy, silky and non-oily appearance skin after a full massage.


Massoleum also offers formulas for daily body care. A range of products for all skin types. Beauty and aesthetic oils, serums and creams for normal to problematic skin as well as aging or sensitive skin.