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Live the MassOléum experience!

Soothing for body and soul!

My name is Julie Quevillon, founder of MassOléum Products

KinOthérapeute-MassOthérapeute-Reiki since 1995

My specialty is effective beneficial and relaxing therapeutic massage (with or without Cupping). Helps to release musculoskeletal, energetic and emotional tensions. Active listening and helping relationship.

It is my pleasure to welcome you to my home on Île St-Jean, located near Vieux-Terrebonne and Île des Moulins, I welcome you in a warm and clean atmosphere.

I am happy to take care of you !!

I use the best products in the world, MassOléum !!

In my hands and your skin is the product. So it's important for me the client experience in massage therapy, a relaxing massage that leaves your skin; without greasy effect or unpleasant odor during and after your massage. An improved and different experience. Each formula contains 100% natural quality ingredients, excellent for your health and nourishes your skin. She left it soft and satiny.

In addition, they are paraben-free, mineral-free and made at home in Quebec.

Massage rate in clinic

Specific therapeutic massage 40 min. $ 50

Therapeutic massage 60 min. $ 80

Relaxing Therapeutic Massage 75 min. $ 90

Therapeutic Massage with or without Cupping 90 min. 105 $

Massage rate at your home *

Specific therapeutic massage 60 min. $ 100

Relaxing Therapeutic Massage 75 min. $ 120

Therapeutic Massage with or without Cupping 90 min. $ 130

* I travel for 2 people min. and maximum 4

Clinical schedule:

WEDNESDAY 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

FRIDAY 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


In clinic 1408 W-Joubert, Ile St-Jean, TERREBONNE, J6W 3M2


At your home

RV 514-862-9754 OR [email protected]