Notre NOUVELLE gAmme Oléum

Published on 03/05/2021

We are very proud to present our new range of facial and body treatments. 

Oléum available at your Massage therapist office

This range is specially created for the clients of Massage Therapists. In all nobility, your Massage therapist takes care of you in several spheres of your life. Now with Massoleum, (products your masso already uses) your therapist offers you products that take care of the organ with which he contacts you: Your skin! 

Caring products, empathic to stressful life, adapted to temperature changes, 100% natural (without parabens, mineral oil or chemical preservatives). They offer satin textures and glide just perfect for massaging affected areas. Massage is at the heart of this company. Your product offers comfort and well-being every time it is applied by your Massage therapist or yourself. In the hands and your skin there is the product, the largest organ of your body, your sacred temple. It's beautiful that you take the time to make an appointment with yourself. Your massage therapist can bring you unparalleled wellness when you give up with confidence. 

With Oleum, you take care of your skin too.

Oleum is born from its high-quality working tools manufactured by Massoleum biotherapeutic body care. 

Oleum is suitable for the needs of the skin. 

Oleum skin care products are available at your participating Massage Therapist. 

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