Customer satisfaction

Published on 12/02/2022

Why pay more for premium quality products?

Ask yourself if your product is suitable or of lesser quality

Are you really satisfied with your products from all points of view?

You would never choose oil bought at the grocery store to massage your clients, would you?

Are you proud to tell your clients what product you are going to use on their skin to perform their massage?

Are you annoyed with constantly adding product because it gets sticky?

How many times have you been frustrated because your products have gone rancid just when you need them or even prematurely?

These are things I was faced with myself. I tried everything that existed on the market and in the end I was often disappointed by any aspect. I bought the most expensive gallons even, at the time 15 years ago, it cost me $125 for 4L. Afterwards, a colleague had told me about a group purchase (really cheap) and after 4 gallons of this product, I quietly developed cracks in my hands. I dare to hope that their formulas have evolved over time. This happens commonly because I have met several massage therapists with sensitive skin or with an allergic tendency to certain cosmetic ingredients such as preservatives. Personally, I had no skin problems before. Obviously, clients were telling me that they couldn't wait to take a shower after their massage. I said to myself that's enough, is it possible to have products that are suitable for our business and that also satisfy the customer? I even added to this the biodegradable and dissolvable aspect to facilitate the maintenance of spa filters and avoid the famous unpleasant scum that there can be in the baths.

The ingredients selected for our products have been studied and approved by one of our Polar Bear's Spa Relaxation Club customers and they have been using them for more than 5 years. They confirmed to us that the filters are 20% less clogged than with their old massage gel.

Have you heard of us and our products?

Do you want to compare our products with those you currently use?

It's time to try them ;)

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Julie :)